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  • Theology / Ministry

Theology’ mission is to provide an exceptional learning environment that prepares students for meaningful leader for the Lord, professional achievement, responsible global citizenship, and servant leadership in accordance with the University's vision, mission and Christian heritage through excellent program of higher education and excellent graduate program of Christian leadership. The purpose of Theology is to pursue knowledge of God, to cultivate leaders for communities of faith, to enrich the academy, and to seek peace with justice in a diverse and interconnected world.

  • Religious Counseling Psychology Statement

Religious Counseling Psychology is committed to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Our faculty and graduates are expected to be competent, ethical and spiritual professionals committed to the spirituality and its application to real-world situations. Our undergraduate program provides a foundation for the spiritual understanding of behavior and mental processes and promotes scholarship and spirituality. Our department promotes an environment characterized by collaborative learning and scholarship among its undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty, guided by the following core values of our university and professional organizations.

  • Religious Arts

The mission of the Religious Art is to provide undergraduate and graduate student the opportunity to participate in a Religious Arts Education under the instruction of highly qualified instructors devoted to serving and developing the talents of our student today for the Glory of God

Religious Arts exists to foster the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of its students through courses in the humanities. We encourage our students to dream, to think critically, creatively, and insightfully, and to engage in their own lives, their communities, and the world.

Within our individual academic disciplines, we seek to create learning communities that will inspire and equip students to become the best, most independent, confident, and competent people they can be.

The mission of the School of Arts is to develop in each student cognitive and creative language and artistic skills that allow for human thought and communication in the expression of ideas, emotions, and aesthetics. We believe that students more fully develop their own aesthetic and intellectual voice by knowing and experiencing the perspectives and values of others. These goals involve crossing cultural, philosophical, and artistic boundaries. As faculty and students, we seek to understand ourselves and others through our individual creative works and ideas as we become agents of our own lives.

It is clear to us that the intellectual, creative, and personal growth of each student benefits the students and the world at large. Through our teaching, research, creativity, and service, we are committed to giving our students the tools to be informed citizens in a global society guided by democratic principles, as well as to succeed professionally. With this in mind, we seek to stimulate rather than suppress, challenge rather than confirm, create rather than imitate.

  • Religious Education

Religious Education is to make disciples for Christ by teaching them to observe all things Jesus taught the early disciples and what the apostles concerning the doctrine of Christ. We will accomplish this by growing our congregants of all ages by means of bible study, training and enrichment activities which provide a caring and supportive loving environment with the goal of developing the total person—spirit, mind and body.

Since the Religious Education Ministry co-labors with other ministries within the church and community with the purpose of giving individuals the opportunity to learn and demonstrate the fullness of Christian love and attributes toward others the following are areas of ministry covered by the Religious Education.

  • California University offers programs leading to the following degrees and certificates:


Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Religious Counseling Psychology

Bachelor of Religious Arts

Bachelor of Religious Education


Master of Divinity

Master of Religious Counseling Psychology

Master of Religious Arts

Master of Religious Education


Doctor of Theology

Doctor of Religious Counseling Psychology

Doctor of Religious Arts

Doctor of Religious Education

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